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Product Overview

The Quintessence Presentation Set Glass Set of 15

Have a set of Quintessence with you at all time, these glass vials are 2.5mls each.

Delicate glass product, handle with care.

Buy a set at a discounted rate and enjoy having all your pomanders.

Replacement vials can be bought separately.

How to Use

  1. Place one spray of the chosen Pomander into the left palm and gently rub the hands together. Stretch the arms out, sharing the energies of colour, herbs and crystals with the rest of the world. Energy follows thought. Imagine these energies flowing from the left hand, around the Earth and back into the right hand. Imagine the energy encircling the earth, bringing pure light and protection to all that is above, around and within us.

  2. Now start bringing in the energies that you need for yourself. Move the hands gently above the head and then behind the head to cleanse that which is behind you.  Bring the hands over the forehead and the side of the temples, to open the temple doors to greater awareness, join the palms together above the head, slowly bringing the hands down over the brow through or past the third eye and further down in front of the face, down to the throat. Then open the hands over the area of the throat with the palms towards the body, clearing the area of communication before gently coming to the heart centre, where you rest for a few moments, holding yourself, someone you care for or a situation that needs attention, in your thoughts.

  3. When you are ready, move the hands down and bringing the energies through the solar plexus, through the hara (just above the navel and a little way inside), through the generative base centre, and bow down to Mother Earth. Ask that the earth may receive what you have to offer.

  4. Then bringing the energy back up the front of the body to the face, cup the hands together, palms facing inwards and take three deep breathes of the Pomander into the temple of the body.

Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/painted surfaces.