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stgermainsm.jpg Air Conditioners/Room Sprays – 'Energise your Space'
The Pomanders and Quintessence’s are also available in as Air Conditioners/Room Sprays. Some are light and uplifting, others warm and nurturing.  All  harmoniously blend herbal extracts and essential oils to empower, refresh and transform your environment.
eq50ml-044sm.jpg  Equilibrium – 'Awakening through Colour'
These vibrant dual coloured bottles are the heart of the Aura-Soma® System. They are composed of natural ingredients, including herbs, essential oils and crystal energies. The four bottle selection method gives you a mirror of who we you are at a deep level.
pom-royal-blue.jpg Pomanders – 'The Fragrance of Colour'
These fifteen liquid essences are a form of daily energetic cleaning – like brushing your hair, you pass the aromas around your body, helping us to remain vibrant in all circumstances.
quinsm-st-germain.jpg Quintessence’s – 'Inviting the Light'
These fifteen fragrant essences invoke the best that we are.  They help us to focus on our gifts, and on the who we are. We can begin to get a sense of the qualities that we already possess. Use these natural essences to help us with contemplation, to reconnect us with our Self and to help us feel uplifted.

Pocket Rescues - 'Re-Balance'
Carry a Rescue in your pocket to re-balance whenever you need.  The Pocket Rescues are 9 bottles selected from the Equilibrium Set of over 100 bottles.  They are also unique in the fact that you can use them with many, not just for your self like a glass Equilibrium, the Plastic Pocket Rescues can be used on multiple clients, friends and family as needed.

archangelolsml.jpg ArchAngeloi Essences – 'Clear and Condition'
The ArchAngeloi are guardians; their concern is for all people and all living things, and we use them when there is a need for protection and guidance. The intention of these ArchAngeloi Essences is to support communication, and each Essence offers us the possibility to experience qualities of one of the Archangels they represent.
colouress30ml-whitesm.jpg Colour Essences - 'Liquid Light'
We use these to help us attune to ourselves and to be more conscious of our surroundings. They help us to a greater sense of ease and connectedness with our environment and the natural kingdom around and within us. We can use these as often as we like, and the subtle energies contained within help to nourish and support, particularly when our energies are depleted.
inse-whitesm.jpg Incense - 'Cleanse, Clear, and Energise'
Each Pomander and Quintessence comes in an Incense, 30 different types in total. Each incenses comes in a cylindrical tin with wooden incense stick holder and 25 incense sticks. Each stick burns for around 20 minutes, use as often as desired, allowing the subtle sent and energies to waft through your space.