Product Care

Aura-Soma products contain delicate plant extracts, it is important to care for these in the following manner:

Avoid Light - prolonged exposure to light especially direct sunlight. For Practitioners, if using back lighting for display, turn this off after consultations.

Avoid Heat - do not store in a hot room or in a hot car. Do not place on heaters or radiators.

Avoid Cold temperatures this may cause the oil fraction of the equilibrium bottles to thicken, this normally reverts at room temperature.

The products are sensitive to energy fields, do not store or place close to strong electromagnetic fields e.g. by fuse boxes, speakers, computers.

Always replace the cap/lid of products to keep air, water and microbes out.

Don’t share your Equilibrium bottle – this is for you only and will work to balance your energetic field, it is best not to have others touch or use it.