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What is a Pomander | How to select a Pomander | Pomander Colours | How to Use the Pomanders

Pomander is one of the 5 pillars of Aura-Soma, along with the Equilibrium bottles, Quintessence’s, Colour Essences and Archangeloi.     Print Friendly Page

What is a Pomander

Pomanders come in a range of 15 colours, with 4 different products for each colour, for your room and your personal use:

•    Room Sprays/Air Conditioners
•    Incense - Not currently available.

Personal Use
•    25ml Plastic Dropper Bottles
•    2.5ml Glass Spray

The Pomander can be used for daily auric (aura) cleansing. By placing three drops, or one spray, of these naturally fragranced coloured essences on our hands and moving them through the electro-magnetic field that surrounds our body, our aura, we can create a delicate energy matrix around ourselves.

This allows the positive energies to enter our energy field and protects us from energies we do not want. The colours of our aura change in accordance with our mood and environment. The Pomanders help to protect and maintain the integrity of the electro-magnetic field, so by taking the time to balance the energies surrounding us, we may feel tension being released.

Each Pomander may introduce the positive energies of the colour to which it relates, Pink may bring us the experience of love, warmth and caring whereas Turquoise may help us communicate our feelings from the heart. When people say ‘Your positively glowing’ – this is when your aura is cleansed.

The original meaning of the word Pomander is a collection of herbs for purifying, healing and giving protection. Vicky Wall, the founder of Aura-Soma, who created the first Aura-Soma Equilibrium bottles, Pomanders and Quintessence’s used the term Pomander in a more encompassing manner describing their function as a protection at an energetic level rather than at a physical level. The lending and energising of the herbs, plant extracts and the energies of crystals within the coloured Pomanders may help produce an energetic balance within the subtle bodies.

How to Select a Pomander (2 options)

1.   Have a Aura-Soma consultation with a Practitioner who will guide you through the process of choosing a Pomander as indicated by the Equilibrium selection. Consult a Practitioner for more information.
2.  We recommend you choose your favourite Pomander colour -  Let you intuition draw you and/or read the colour/information notes about each Pomander.

Pomander Colours/Information Notes

white-circle.jpg #01  White
The Original Pomander
Vicky Wall referred to this as the ‘Original White Pomander. As well as being used with the aura, it may also be used in any space to cleans atmospheres, bring the light in, and renew energies. If purifies and renews, helping us make space for new beginnings.
pink-circle.jpg #02  Pink
Just for love
For Universal Unconditional Love, the warmth and caring that makes everything possible in our life. Emotionally pink brings love, both for ourselves and for those around us. It may be supportive at times when we feel vulnerable and to help us to care for ourselves. Brings about a deep sense of relaxation, harmonises groups and their processes.
deepred-circle.jpg #03  Deep Red
The energiser and Protector
Grounding and energising. Helpful for feeling grounded after meditation or any therapy session. Useful for any situation where our energy is depleted.
red-circle.jpg #04  Red
Balancing the Energies
To help us to overcome the negative effects from resentment or animosity. Reduces shyness and helps to deal with aggression, also good for earth energy work.
coral-circle.jpg #05  Coral
The Awakener
This is a protection of our spiritual Being to give us a greater sense of independence. To offer the insight necessary for inter-dependence, to help us with competition. An awakening Pomander that can bring a deep sense of joy.
orange-circle.jpg #06  Orange
The Regression Protector and Shock Absorber of the Past and Present.
May help us to deal with spiritual shocks and/or fears and balance the aura when we feel ‘beside ourselves’. Orange enables us to let go and accept all that is going on around us. It is related to the second chakra and may have a soothing and calming effect on the is area.
gold-circle.jpg #07  Gold
Wisdom and Self-knowledge
Finding abundance within ourselves, using our wisdom to its full potential.
The Gold relates to the solar plexus where we can feel anxiety and fear. By using this colour we may enable ourselves to accept, receive, digest and relax.
yellow-circle.jpg #08  Yellow
Sunlight and assimilation
Yellow brings the sunshine in – an antidote to feeling  ‘the blues’. Useful in spaces where there is a lack of sunlight, brightens the atmosphere around us. It may help us to be more present and help to ease an over active mind.
olive-circle.jpg  #09  Olive Green
Truth and Direction
Olive relates to bringing the wisdom into the heart and to help us find our own way. Improves our ability to remember. Helpful in confrontational situations and difficulties with other people. Excellent for practitioners to clear their space between clients. If helps when we feel trapped or unable to find a clear direction in any situation.
emerald-circle.jpg #10 Emerald Green
Protector of our own Space – The Space Giver
Emerald is for brining peace into our own space helping us to find our own way. It can free us from old ideas and open us up to new decisions. It can be very helpful for clearing jealousy, envy, and other negative emotions.
turquoise-circle.jpg  #11  Turquoise
Heartfelt Communicator
Helping us to creatively communicate what we are feeling. This Pomander is for communication, particularly for those who are involved in presentations, teaching, or public speaking, it encourages playfulness, can help to resolve blockages and may protect against stage fright.
sapphireblue-circle.jpg #12 Sapphire Blue
The Communication Protector
Supports the highest communication of love; focusing on our inspirational aspects it can help to overcome feelings of extreme isolation. Deepens the peace within to help us become clearer and more relaxed. When we expend less energy in our own pre-occupations we have more energy available to do what we need to do.
royalblue-circle.jpg  #13 Royal Blue
The Perception Strengthener
Opens us to powers of our imagination and intuition, as well as helping us to access sympathetic emotions. Can help to find detachment from the emotions so that we do not feel overwhelmed by them.
violet-circle.jpg #14 Violet
The Sweetness of Spirit
The Violet Pomander can help us to open our perception and awareness which may enable us to connect with our mission and our purpose, to connect with that which we are especially our gifts.
magenta-circle.jpg #15 Deep Magenta
The Carer’s Carer
Combining the red and violet energies, this Pomander can be both energising and smoothing at the same time. For those times when we have given all our energy to others and now need to receive caring for ourselves. For living in the present.


How to Use

 Room Sprays/Air Conditioners
2-3 sprays per room is sufficient to change and invoke the new energies.  It is not a matter of saturating the room with the smell however tempting but rather to feel and recognise the subtle every shifts.  Very difficult energies may need repeat spraying over several hours to assist in a complete energy shift.  Repeat every 2-3 hours as required or desired.

Burn your chosen incense stick, burn time is approximately 30 minutes repeat if desired. Please read the safety instructions on the packaging.

Vials or Drops
Place three drops, or one spray of the chosen Pomander into the left palm and gently rub the hands together. Stretch the arms out, sharing the energies of colour, herbs and crystals with the rest of the world. Energy follows thought. Imagine these energies flowing from the left hand, around the Earth and back into the right hand. Imagine the energy encircling the earth, bringing pure light and protection to all that is above, around and within us.

Now start bringing in the energies that you need for yourself. Move the hands gently above the head and then behind the head to cleanse that which is behind you.  Bring the hands over the forehead and the side of the temples, to open the temple doors to greater awareness, join the palms together above the head, slowly bringing the hands down over the brow through or past the third eye and further down in front of the face, down to the throat. Then open the hands over the area of the throat with the palms towards the body, clearing the area of communication before gently coming to the heart centre, where you rest for a few moments, holding yourself, someone you care for or a situation that needs attention, in your thoughts.

When you are ready, move the hands down and bringing the energies through the solar plexus, through the hara (just above the navel and a little way inside), through the generative base centre, and bow down to Mother Earth. Ask that the earth may receive what you have to offer.

Then bringing the energy back up the front of the body to the face, cup the hands together, palms facing inwards and take three deep breathes of the Pomander into the temple of the body.

Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/painted surfaces.

Available in 2.5 ml glass vial, 25ml plastic and 100ml room sprays the Air Conditioner. The Air Conditioners are designed more for the spaces we live, work and play in.

Made with love and intention by Aura-Soma Products Ltd Lincolnshire England
Available in New Zealand from Aura-Soma New Zealand Ltd