Who Uses Aura-Soma®?

Health and Welling Being Practitioners, Life Coaches | Mother and Child | Home Sellers and Real Estate | Real Estate Agents | At the Office | In the home | In the Shop or Restaurant 

Health and Well Being Practitioners, Life Coaches

Many different Well-Being practitioners use Aura-Soma® Products for example Reiki therapists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists, Reflexologist’s, JinShin Jyutsu.  Everyone will use them differently as they find the best product mix for their practice.

Typically they use the Pomanders and Quintessence’s. In the 25ml plastic dropper form, where they apply 3 drops to their hands while working on or in the aura of a client, thus bringing in the supporting energy vibration of their chosen essence.

In the Clinic rooms they often like to use the Air Conditioners/Room Sprays to first clear the space between clients and at the end of the day. Also to create the feel of a welcoming space, then to follow another specific to the client that will support your particular work.


  • To clear the space between clients – Green or White Pomander
  • End of the day – Serapis Bey Quintessence or White Pomander
  • Set up the space for the new day – Lady Nada Quintessence or  Pink Pomander
  • Special Client needs – the product suggested support the client to let go and allow change to happen.
    • Shock – Orange or Coral
    • Grief – Pink, Lady Nada
    • New Beginnings or Endings – Orion & Angelica
    • Letting Go of old habits – St Germain

Life Coach, Mentor, Mediators
Often like to use the Air Conditioners/Room Sprays.

  • These can be used to  Clear the space between Clients – eg St Germain Quintessence, White or Green Pomander

Special client needs

  • Clear old habits and conditioning – St Germain Quintessence
  • Fear of moving forward – Yellow Pomander
  • Lack of focus and motivation – Red Pomander

You can mist the room before the client arrives or use them while the client is in session.

Mother and Child

The Aura-Soma range is ideal to support the entire family.

During Pregnancy
We believe its best to avoid introducing any new products- Aura-Soma included to your system in the first 3 months of pregnancy, as your body will be reacting differently than usual to the ingredients due to your hormonal changes.

After the first 3 months of pregnancy, you may like to introduce the following products.

  • Massage on the belly – Bottle 20 Pink/Blue -Star Child, good for the skin and nurturing to the new baby.
  • Nurture yourself with the Pink Pomander or Lady Nada Quintessence, give yourself a little more loving. Try in either the Room Spray/Air Conditioner or the personal plastic bottle.

At the birth
The Lady Nada Quintessence or Pink Pomander in the Room Spray form are a lovely nurturing way to invite baby into the world. It is also calming for mum and dad and support team.

At home in the early years
At bedtime one spray of Lady Nada Quintessence or Pink Pomander Room Spray/Air Conditioner in the bedroom is a gentle way to settle baby. Also great if baby feels restless or unsettled.

For Mum she too can use the Lady Nada Quintessence or Pink Pomander to give back a bit of nurturing to herself – when the demands of the day leave her nothing for herself 1 or 2 mists and a quite few minutes may be enough to feel recharged.

Baby Massage  - once baby is 3 months old.
For the little girl – the #11 Clear/Pink Equilibrium bottle offers baby a nurturing loving energy.

For the little boy – the #12 Clear/Blue Equilibrium bottle office a peaceful energy.

Have on hand the #20 Pink/Blue Star Child for any bumps or when a hug is needed.
This also come in the #20 Plastic and is ideal to have on hand at all times, apply to an inconsolable child along with Pink Pomander or Lady Nada Quintessence.

Bath Time
Make bath time fun and relaxing, mist 1 spray of either Lady Nada or Pink Pomander in the bath room and add a few drops of #20 Star Child to the bath water.

Off to school
An exciting and frightening time for both Mum and Child.
Again the #20 is ideal for the child to have on hand to use, the Plastic Rescue bottle is ideal.

  • Pink Pomander in a sniff cloud (a few drops on a cotton ball) can be taken to school and keep in a pocket to sniff when anxious.
  • Fears and inability to concentrate and learn may be released with the use of Yellow Pomander; yellow assists us to digest new ideas.

For the Mum who suddenly feels at a loss when her little ones go off to school
Again the Lady Nada and the Orion & Angelica Quintessence’s can be most supportive, a time to give back to yourself and a time for new beginnings – what next, new opportunities.

Raining School Holidays
When you are all inside on a rainy winters school holiday there never seems to be enough space for everyone.

  • Green Pomander gives us the feeling of more space.
  • St Germain Quintessence clears the air and brings us back to neutral when we have all got worked up and out of sorts. Calming and transmutes/burns off any built up energy that is no longer needed.

Exams and Study
When we learn we have to digest new ideas and processes.

  • Yellow and Gold relate to the area of the body of digestion.
  • Yellow Pomander helps us to digest the new.
  • Gold Pomander helps us to connect into the inner knowing.
  • Use Yellow at the start of any study period.
  • Make a Pomander sniff cloud of each to take into the exam.
  • Between study periods use a spray of Green Pomander Air Conditioner to clear the air and mind clutter.
  • At night use a spray of Lady Nada or St Germain Air Conditioner, to help you relax and sleep well.

Home Sellers and Real Estate

When you have decided to make the move its time to get your house in order to get the sale made.

First – space clear, physically clean and clear clutter from each space, making it as clean and open and spacious as possible.

  • When cleaning add a few drops of White Pomander to your final rinsing wash. This will help you clear any old energy. Wash the floors, walls and ceiling to clear any old energy.

Next – How do you want the space to feel?

  • Open and airy – Use Air Conditioner Green Pomander
  • Warm and nurturing – Use Air Conditioner Pink Pomander or Lady Nada Quintessence.

Use before open homes, last about 2 hours with doors and windows open.  You don’t have to use a lot, it is about energy change not scenting the room.

If the house is taking its time to sell remember to move the energy around, clear and clean often. It can take time for you to disconnect your emotional energy from the space to allow new people to take over. Use the White and Green regularly along with Orion & Angelica Quintessence – which allows you to disconnect from the old and be ready for a new beginning.

For Real Estate Agents

The Green Room Spray/Air Conditioner is very helpful in opening up the feel of a space, especially if your Vendor has a cluttered home.
Use at the beginning of the open home, 1 mist per room should be enough.

If the vendors need to sell but are reluctant e.g. elderly people down sizing from the family home, a gift of Orion & Angelica Air Conditioner may be all that is needed to get them to come to a point of embracing the change with joy rather than sadness.
Allowing them to see the opportunity of the new beginning.

At the Office

At anytime in the office there is dead lines, people management and customers that need looking after, the Aura-Soma Room Spray/Air Conditioners can help with all manner of management.

  • Dead Lines looming – when your get up and go has got up and left but you still need to get the job done – try a burst of Green Pomander to clear your thinking, follow with a mist of Red or Deep Red to give you the energy to focus again.

  • Need inspiration – Try a mist of Turquoise Pomander to attune into you inner creativity.

  • People problems – the team are just not seeing eye to eye, at the end of the day mist around White pomander to clear the day. Next morning mist around Pink Pomander to balance and unite the energies. A mist of St Germain Quintessence during the day will help with clearing and refocusing.

  • Space a problem – clean the space with White Pomander then follow up daily with a mist of Green Pomander to give everyone the feeling of more space.

  • Depressing dungeon of a room – sometimes someone has to have that inner room office with no windows or out door view. The Yellow Pomander Air Conditioner brings in the sunshine making the space more enjoyable to be in, the Green Pomander Air Conditioner opens the space.

In the home

The dinner party
When you have friends around you want to ensure they feel welcome and can relax easily, the Kwan Yin Quintessence or Pink Pomander Air Conditioner or Incense are a lovely way to energetically warm the space.

In the Shop or Restaurant

Do you own a shop or eatery, or anywhere you have the public coming for goods and services.

With people comes energy, some happy and uplifting, some sad and depressing.
They leave some of this energy behind when they leave.

You want to make sure they feel good while they are with you and that they go away feeling great, but you also don’t want to be left sitting in their left over energy – esp if its down or sad.

End of day - Clear the air with a mist of White Pomander Room Spray/Air Conditioner – I mist per area or per corner of a large room is enough.

Next day – set up the space

  • Pink Pomander Room Spray brings a warm nurturing energy,
  • Yellow Pomander Room Spray brings an up lifting joyful energy.
  • Green Pomander Room Spray opens up the space so it feels bigger.
  • Violet Pomander Air Conditioner brings a healing vibe.

Difficult customer – you may not be able to mist the customer directly with the spray, but once they are gone – you can transmute or dissolve their left over energy and find an inner calm for yourself. Mist the space with the St Germain Quintessence Air Conditioner, and while your at it spray one mist above your head and breath deeply, allowing yourself to relax and let go for a moment.
You will find yourself refreshed and available for your next lovely customer.