Do you have a favourite colour or colours?

What makes it your favourite?  

How do you feel when you see your favourite colour?

Colour and light, effect our moods and emotions. Soft blues can be restful, while bright reds and yellows can uplift your spirits on a dull day.

Understanding how colour effects our moods and emotions is not new; many of the ancient civilisations understood how colour and light could affect our entire well-being. Now, even scientists are recognising the effects of colour and light. Hospitals and Prisons are changing the colours of their walls especially, to get specific effects.

AURA-SOMA® is a tool, a tool to help us to understand ourselves at a deeper level.  It is a non-intrusive, self-selective system in which colour is the key. Utilising herbal extracts, essential oils crystals and gems as well as visual and non-visual vibrations of colour.
Originally developed in 1983 by Vicky Wall in England the AURA-SOMA system is based around 6 main product groups.

Equilibrium Bottles
: Glistening dual coloured glass bottles filled with oil and water, applied as luxurious light body oil. These Living Jewels are a mirror of the soul and enable the individual to balance the self at many levels. The Equilibrium bottles are the basis of AURA-SOMA from which the other product ranges and the AURA-SOMA Consultation have developed from. There are over 100 colour combinations to choose from.

The Pomanders: 15 Beautifully scented coloured essences used to protect and nurture the energy fields around the body; a few drops are applied to the palm of the hand and pasted through the energy field of the body refreshing and centering the self.

The Quintessence’s: Similar to the Pomanders the Quintessence’s work in the energy fields around the body.  Their function is to align ourselves with a particular energy that would be helpful at that time. There are 15 beautifully scented Quintessence’s available.

The ArchAngeloi: (Archangels) The ArchAngeloi fundamentally work with the collective, helping for example, the development of families, groups, cities, and countries, they help the individual to become more conscious of their relationship with the collective. They help with the process of individuation, with the awakening of the Turquoise Charka (the Ananda Khanda).

The essences are intended to bring about a more personal connection with the ArchAngeloi through the subtle fields related to our physicality. The ArchAngeloi Essences portray the power of the ArchAngeloi in the form of 9 different fragrant essences.

The Air Conditioners/Room Sprays: There are 15 Pomanders, 15 Quintessence’s and 4 Archangels available as100ml Air Conditioners.  Easy and convenient to use the Air Conditioners help to improve your environment, they invoke the sublet energy vibrations for clearing, stabilising, nurturing and energising the spaces in which we live, work and play. Of the 34 Air Conditioners 10 are also available in 20ml purse size bottles.