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Please note: All the Aura-Soma training is undergoing a change - we hope to have new format and dates available by the end of March 2018

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Introduction Evening | Level 1 Training | Level 2 Training | Personal Presentation | Level 3 Training

Ever wondered what Aura-Soma® is all about, want to learn more?

Aura-Soma® Introduction Evening

Come along to our free information night! See the range of Aura-Soma® products; learn about Vicky Wall the founder of Aura-Soma® and how she was drawn to make these magical gems.  Experience a pomander and have all your questions answered.

Introduction Evening:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 1 Training

You will be introduced to the range of Aura-Soma® products, an understanding of how to use them personally and in a clinic. Experience the power of colour for personal and professional growth in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Level 1:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 2 Training

Level 2:  Training Dates and Teachers

Personal Presentation Skills

Personal Presentation:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 3 Training

Level 3:  Training Dates and Teachers