Equilibrium Bottles

The Aura-Soma® Equilibrium Bottles

The Equilibrium Bottles is one of the 5 pillars of Aura-Soma, along with the Pomanders, Quintessences, Colour Essences and ArchAngeloi.     Print Friendly Page

What is an Equilibrium Bottle | How to select an Equilibrium Bottle |Equilibrium Bottle Colours | How to Use the Equilibrium Bottles

What is a Equilibrium Bottle

Equilibrium Bottles come in a range of 110 colours, in 50ml/25ml glass bottles.

The bottles which Vicky Wall began producing in 1983 have become know as Equilibrium bottles – these are the core of the Aura-Soma® System from which all the other supportive products have developed. They are used during and in conjunction with Aura-Soma® consultations.

These bottles are glittering dual coloured combinations containing the energies of colour, plants and crystals. Many have said that they are a mirror of the soul, and so by becoming aware of the nature of our soul through the bottles, they can help us realize our gifts and potentials, why we are here and what we are here for.

How to Select a Equilibrium Bottle

Have a Consultation

The best way to discover the Aura-Soma® Colour-Care-System® can do for you is to have a consultation with an Aura-Soma Colour Care Practitioner®. Where over 100 dual coloured bottles are displayed, their jewel like colours shimmering before your eyes. The trained Practitioner invites you to choose the four bottles which call to you the most – the ones that you can't resist.

In a Consultation
The four bottles speak of our choices and our journey through time, revealing aspects of our personality, our gifts and talents, our present situation and our potential.

‘You are the Colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs’.

We may gain an insight into why things are happening and gain a new perspective on our life’s direction.

Through this understanding you can make new more informed choices.

Your Practitioner will then assist you in choosing an Equilibrium bottle and other supporting products to take home and use to help you reach your desired potential.

Equilibrium Bottle Colours/Information Notes

eq50ml-000sm.jpg #000  Royal Blue/Deep Magenta
Spiritual Rescue: May help to bring clarity into one’s feelings about one’s life. To be able to see one’s part in the creative process.
Brings the possibility of intuitive insight into the practicalities of everyday life. May be useful for people who are of assistance to others during the night, in their awareness or not. Brings a sense of deep peace and energy when resources have been depleted.
eq50ml-001sm.jpg #001  Blue/Deep Magenta
Physical Rescue: A peaceful communication with what lies within ourselves. Helpful communication.
May be helpful in deepening one’s understanding of Spirit as it operates in everyday life.

#002  Blue/Blue
Peace Bottle: Peaceful communication that comes through us rather than from us. A nurturing energy. A natural authority.
Authoritative communication with peace and purpose. A communication that comes through one rather than from one. The ability to
nurture from the feminine aspects within the self. Natural authority. The respect for the mother. Creativity. Also relates to the analytical,
rational, reasoning aspect of the male, the Father. The Peace that passeth all understanding.

 #003  Blue/Green
The Heart Bottle/Atlantean Bottle: Creative communication especially in relation to the earth, the earth’s grid and magnetic structure.
The feeling side of the being – the whole of the emotional side of life. Peace in the conscious mind brings the opportunity to reveal the space within the depths of oneself. If one has made space within the depths of the self there is more of an opportunity to realize the peace in a conscious way. To be in touch with the communication of the heart.
eq50ml-004sm.jpg #004  Yellow/Gold
The Sunlight Bottle: Knowledge: that which can be acquired, and wisdom: that which we already have.
The joy in gaining knowledge, even though it is acquired, as it reminds one of the inner wisdom. The depths of joy of when what is already within oneself is revealed.
eq50ml-005sm.jpg #005  Yellow/Red
Sunrise/Sunset Bottle: The opportunity to use the wisdom wisely in relation to the energies that we carry.
A bottle of awakening, brings much energy which needs to be used in a conscious way in relation to watchfulness. Someone who’s purpose is to share the light with others, to pass on the wisdom of the past in a new way, and the energy to do that.
eq50ml-006sm.jpg #006  Red/Red
The Energy Bottle: Enthusiasm and love for life.
A re-energiser, an awakener. The basic energy of love.  Stepping into life anew, particularly in 2nd position.
eq50ml-007sm.jpg #007  Yellow/Green
Garden of Gethsemene/Final Test of Faith: Trust in the process of life, the hope in how things may unfold.
The more one makes the space within oneself, the more the joy of knowledge and certainty can arise within the conscious mind. Trust within the depths of the self and knowledge within the conscious mind, brings a sense of hope to the difficulties or obstacles one might meet in the life experiences, that these may be re-evaluated in relation to a new beginning or a new opportunity as to what life holds. The ‘Final Test of Faith’ has an understanding that is significant in relation to the opportunities of life when one can trust what lies within the depths of oneself.
eq50ml-008sm.jpg #008  Yellow/Blue
Anubis: The communication of knowledge, the joy of peace.
The more one trusts the communication that comes from the depths of oneself, the more joy and knowledge can come about. The opportunity to realize, from the heart, something of the truth of the lightness of one’s being. To discriminate in an appropriate way to refine the truth of oneself.
eq50ml-009sm.jpg #009  Turquoise/Green
Heart within the Heart/The Transcendental Heart/The Crystal Cave: The beginning of the journey. The process of individuation.
The process of individuation commences, the first time the Turquoise appears in the revelation of the Aura-Soma Colour-Care-System™. Creative communication of the heart from the depths of the being where the real jewels begin to be revealed. Another level of the heart chakra.
eq50ml-010sm.jpg #010  Green/Green
Go Hug a Tree: As you plant, so shall you reap.
The Green/Green also used to be called the Decision Maker. Harmony with nature, the possibility of creating a new space, a new place. Truth, direction and space are all key concepts to do with the Green/Green.
#011 Clear/Pink #011  Clear/Pink
The Essence Bottle1/A Chain of Flowers: Taking responsibility for the thoughts and feelings.
Clarity of mind that ensues from the deeper levels of self acceptance where warmth, tenderness and compassion bring that acceptance about within the self. The beginnings of love. The potential for clarity in the conscious mind.
#012 Clear/Blue #012  Clear/Blue
Peace in the New Aeon: An initiation. Shining the light on nurturing, faith and peace.
The communication inspired by the light that comes from above. A clear opening for peace to come about.  May be helpful where there are issues relating to difficulties with communication.
 #013 Clear/Green #013  Clear/Green
Change in the New Aeon: Illuminating the emotional side of life.
As light is brought to the heart, transition comes about through the change of state from one thing to another. The potential to make the appropriate decisions, to find the appropriate direction. By making the space for oneself, more light can come to the heart.
 #014 Clear/Gold  
#014  Clear/Gold
Wisdom in the New Aeon: Getting in touch with the wisdom that clarity may unfold.
The more one gets in touch with the Gold within, the more likely it is that one finds the clarity in the conscious mind to let go of suffering and to find the light within.
 #015 Clear/Violet #015  Clear/Violet
Service in the new Aeon: Elevation of the self through purification.
Looking deeper within, one begins to face the shadow of oneself, to find clarity in relation to the spirituality that lies within the depths, that one might become open to the transformation that comes about through getting in touch with the service that one is to perform in the world.
 #016 Violet/Violet #016  Violet/Violet
The Violet Robe: Awakening to ones’ true self and service. A complete re-evaluation.
Spiritual transformation. Metanoia: a change, not just in the thinking or the feelings, but a complete change of being. Coming to terms with grief, either about oneself in one’s own process or towards the loss of a loved one.
#017 Green/Violet #017  Green/Violet
Troubadour 1/The Hope Bottle: A new beginning for spirituality, to get in touch with the star.
The healing heart, a space to find the spirituality within. Release from the persecution of the past leads to a transformation within the being.
#018 Yellow/Violet #018  Yellow/Violet
Egyptian Bottle 1/Turning Tide: Refining the knowledge that we may get in touch with why we are here and what we are for.
Spiritual teaching. The joy of transformation, the overcoming of self deception. How one becomes whole and gets in touch with the purpose of one’s existence. As one travels upon the journey, the opportunity arises to know oneself more thoroughly.
 #019 Red/Purple #019  Red/Purple
Living in the Material World: The renewal of our bodies takes place when we change our thinking to build up
new energy.
Re-generation of energy. Energy in the conscious mind, with transformation within. An idealist who may have mis-placed their vision.
 #20 Blue/Pink #020  Blue/Pink
Star Child: The communication of unconditional love. Peace in the conscious mind, self acceptance within the depths of the self.
Useful for the child in all circumstances: the inner child, the child in difficulty. A gentle balance for the male/female within and that which is above us and beneath us.
 eq50ml-021sm.jpg #021  Green/Pink
New beginning for love: The emergence of freedom through self acceptance.
A new beginning in the context of unconditional love.  Through developing trust, awareness comes about that there is more love to come through the heart. An ability to find a new direction in relation to the heart, through self acceptance.
 eq50ml-022sm.jpg #022  Yellow/Pink
The Rebirther’s Bottle/Awakening: A new beginning for joy and self acceptance.
A re-birth means a re-birth in Spirit whereby one comes to a point of emergence to live the life from an ordinary point of view but with a different understanding in relation to the game of life.
eq50ml-023sm.jpg #023  Rose Pink/Pink
Love and Light: Compassion and self acceptance. The more we find the compassion in the process of seeing ourselves, the more we can accept of ourselves.
A sense of strength that comes from compassion, compassion as one sees oneself in various situations, circumstances or conditions. A sense of the return to self love.  The openness to give and receive love. May be helpful towards the aspiration to love unconditionally.
#024  Violet/Turquoise
A New Message: A communication from the feeling side of the being. A communication inspired from Spirit. A transformative communication from the heart.
A new message for a new time. A communication of the creative possibility. As one becomes more individuated, so the opportunity for the creative to express itself becomes more actualized. A sense of completion as one fulfills the communication through the feeling being.
eq50ml-025sm.jpg #025  Purple/Magenta
Florence Nightingale Bottle: A mystic. One who is inspired by the inspiration fed in from above. A pioneering spirit in the service of others.
A mystic, a pioneer who receives inspiration from above in relation to the greater good. To let go of disappointment. To put one’s caring into practical activity.
eq50ml-026sm.jpg #026  Orange/Orange
Etheric Rescue/The Humpty Dumpty Bottle: The Healing of the Time Line. Helps to pull together discrepancies to find a balance towards synchronicity.
To bring the parts together. To heal the time line. To help remove the existing difficulties in relation to the distortions of time. To clear the traumas and shocks accumulated both etherically and at a cellular level, whether in the animal or human world.
eq50ml-027sm.jpg #027  Red/Green
Robin Hood: A balance between the head and the heart, the root and the heart where we find the relationship of the male and female within ourselves.
A deep sense of balance. May be indicative of where boundaries have been overstepped and a new degree of assertion needs to come about. Energy to find one’s space, direction and ability to make the appropriate decisions in life. A bottle particularly related to gender, and circumstance that has created questions in relation to gender.
eq50ml-028sm.jpg #028  Green/Red
Maid Marion: Awakening of the heart. A balance between the female and the male, the intuitive and the analytical.
A deep balance. A leader who inspires deep joy in others, communicated in peace. A sense of inner strength when one begins to understand one’s energy. This  bottle also indicates questions to do with gender.
eq50ml-029sm.jpg #029  Red/Blue
Get Up and Go: Living in the material world. A balance in the solar plexus between two extremes.
A sense of wishing to create an ideal circumstance or condition that may not be in accord with what is. The opportunity to learn to accept one’s creativity in relation to the practical circumstances of life.
eq50ml-030sm.jpg #030  Blue/Red
Bringing Heaven to Earth: Head in heaven, feet on the earth. Awakening to the communication of peace.
Can refer to a long forgotten promise to bring heaven upon earth through the desire for harmony and peace. Energy to communicate what needs to be communicated. The awakening that happens through making peace conscious.
eq50ml-031sm.jpg #031  Green/Gold
The Fountain: The wisdom of the heart. To make space for the deepest joy to spring from within the depths of the self.
A sense of construction, of overcoming obstacles where the wisdom within finds the space to express itself. A deep insight into the heart that overflows into the world.
eq50ml-032sm.jpg  #032  Royal Blue/Gold
Sophia: Clarity in relation to the wisdom that lies within. A message from the stars.
A sense of offering. Clarity and wisdom that is felt within the depths of the being. A link to the stars. The inheritance of a deep mystery.
eq50ml-033sm.jpg #033  Royal Blue/Turquoise
Dolphin Bottle/Peace with a Purpose: Clarity and playfulness, spontaneity and joy. Communication from the heart clearly expressed.
Feeling, playful, creative clarity, not taken too seriously but with the possibility of telepathy and a communication which is able to touch the heart in a creative way.
eq50ml-034sm.jpg #034  Pink/Turquoise
Birth of Venus: Getting in touch with beauty and the beauty that lies in the emergence of self through acceptance of self from within the feeling side of the being.
A love of beauty and aesthetics. A sense of the need to find the beauty within, to be a guide to help others towards the beauty within themselves. Creative communication of warmth, caring and love.

eq50ml-035sm.jpg #035  Pink/Violet
Kindness: Transformative. Detachment. Unconditional love in the service of others. Love from above.
Deep caring and transformation. As one accepts oneself more consciously, one allows more in the acceptance of others. A deep sense of wholeness, love from above.

eq50ml-036sm.jpg #036  Violet/Pink
Charity: Caring, warmth and kindness towards oneself, extended into the world.
Transformation in the context of love. The opportunity to practically put one’s attention, warmth and caring into what one does, particularly in alignment with the greater good. An opportunity to connect with one’s service.
eq50ml-037sm.jpg #037  Violet/Blue
The Guardian Angel Comes to Earth: Transformative communication. A nurturing and peaceful communication that may be of benefit to oneself and others.
A lightness of spirit that comes into practical application in what one does. A sense of nurturing and of peace that is communicated effectively. The need for trust and faith.

eq50ml-038sm.jpg #038  Violet/Green
Troubadour (2) Discernment: Letting go of the difficulties of the past that the heart may be free to express its truth, leads to transformation within the self.
An opportunity to let go of the past, to trust one’s feelings. To allow oneself to be, that the head and the heart may find balance. An opportunity to let go of the persecution of the past.

eq50ml-039sm.jpg  #039  Violet/Gold
Egyptian Bottle (2) The Puppeteer: Transformative wisdom. A deep level of joy as a consequence of a transformative experience. Wisdom and service, compassion and understanding.
The condition patterns, and the circumstance of conditions within which one found oneself, sometimes pulls the strings to what one is. The opportunity for wisdom and healing. The transformation that comes from acknowledging the wisdom within oneself.

eq50ml-040sm.jpg #040  Red/Gold
The 'I AM' bottle: The Energy for wisdom. The energy that is the consequence of wisdom. A sense of expansion, enthusiasm and growth.
Helping to find the strength and energy to express the wisdom within. Deep joy that comes from dynamic, awakened activity. Expansion, an opening within the self. A centralizing force.

eq50ml-041sm.jpg #041  Gold/Gold
The Wisdom Bottle/El Dorado: As we fill the cup within ourselves, it is able to overflow within the world.
Wisdom realized and shared.
There is a blessing as the cup overflows into the world when one fills it within oneself. To find the Gold is to transform all that is not of the Gold, to transform the raw materials that bring the Gold about that one might find one’s true wisdom. A connection with one’s true purpose, why we one is here and what one is for.
eq50ml-042sm.jpg #042  Yellow/Yellow
Harvest: Self consciousness, joy, happiness, intellectual clarity. The understanding of self.
A lightness of being. The knowledge of joy, happiness and spontaneity. A new light visible both in terms of the intellect and the intuition. The joy of the intellect in the context of clarity.
eq50ml-043sm.jpg #043  Turquoise/Turquoise
Creativity” Creative communication through the feeling side of the being. The process of individuation unfolds.
Alone = all one. The discovery of the creativity within oneself and the journey, which is also the process of individuation unfolding. The possibility to transcend the self, the sense of separation, to embrace the collective. Communication of the heart through art, particularly media communications and how something new is happening in relation to the time that is to come. To hear the communication of the heart.

eq50ml-044sm.jpg  #044  Lilac/Pale Blue
The Guardian Angel: The sense of a presence. Being in the moment whereby clarity comes in communication.
The transmutation in the depths of the being made conscious, that the peace, in its most intense form, can be felt within the depths of the self. Brings a lightness of being where what was difficult, in relation to thoughts or feelings, is transmuted that one might find a sense of protection and the beginnings of a new possibility within oneself.

eq50ml-045sm.jpg #045  Turquoise/Magenta
The Breath of Love: The need to unfold the love from above in relation to the feeling side of being. The gift of the coming and the going of the breath, moment to moment.
The warmth and caring that can be carried by the breath, nurturing the being, vitalizing the body. An opportunity to feel a sense of acceptance of love within oneself that one’s creativity may find expression as the process of individuation unfolds.
eq50ml-046sm.jpg #046  Green/Magenta
The Wanderer: Attention to details reveals a truth in the simplicity. Caring that is given the space to expand.
Letting go of what is behind one to come into the moment, enables one to see or to feel something is in front of one that holds the promise that lies within one’s heart. The possibility of having the direction and trust to find the love within oneself. To feel at home wherever one is.
eq50ml-047sm.jpg #047  Royal Blue/Lemon
The Old Soul Bottle:  Intellectual clarity. The gift of the understanding of the emerald of the heart.
Clarity in relation to the senses also brings clarity to the mind/intellect, and the ability to analyse especially when this is intimately linked to the intuition. A connection between one’s wisdom, knowledge and thoughts. Inspiration fed in from above that is realized in the context of deep joy.
eq50ml-048sm.jpg #048  Violet/Clear
The Wings of Change: An understanding of the light within the depths of the self. A transformation in the conscious mind.
Joy through looking within. An insight into one’s higher or true purpose, or the way in which one can practically see what one needs to do to fulfil oneself. To be able to bring clarity to one’s spiritual life.
eq50ml-049sm.jpg #049  Turquoise/Violet
The New Messenger: Creative communication of the heart in the service of others.
A sense of union, of coming together in the context of playfulness, not taking oneself or each other in relationship, too seriously. A new message, of the inner communications that can occur when the male and female come together within the self. The expression of one’s deeper feelings.
eq50ml-050sm.jpg #050  Pale Blue/Pale Blue 
El Morya: Thy will not my will. Being able to get out of the way to allow communication to come through rather than from, the self.
A sense of accord through allowing oneself to be what one is. A deep sense of peace within the being. The ability to trust the peace, bring light to the peace, which also means to relax and know that what is communicated is what one needs to do. Insight into ‘thy Will’, the higher will, in relation to what is asked of one. ‘I will that thy Will be done through me.’

eq50ml-051sm.jpg #051  Pale Yellow/Pale Yellow 
Kuthumi: Two way communication from that which is above us to that which is beneath us. A communication with the devic realms.
Two way communication between the angelic – that which is above, the subtler levels of one’s being, the communication from the lightness of one’s being and also through to the beings of the earth, the devas of the mineral kingdom, the herbs and the plants, and the trees. A communication that is two way – above and below.

eq50ml-052sm.jpg #052  Pale Pink/Pale Pink
Lady Nada: The communication for self acceptance in a profound and deep wa.
Expansion as one allows the caring that one has to give to come to oneself. To let go of the resentments, frustrations, even the aggressions that may be within or around one. To get in touch with sound and how sound effects the whole of the physicality to bring one in touch with the feeling being, particularly as one listens with love.

eq50ml-053sm.jpg #053  Pale Green/Pale Green
Hilarion: The Way, the Truth and the Life. A balance within the heart where the heart has been through a process of purification.
The Way, the Truth and the Life. Brings clarity into one’s direction that enables one to find a new space and a new place. To come into contact with nature, and to learn the lessons of life and death through the observance of nature. To sense the appropriateness that can exist in each moment by being in the right place at the right time.
eq50ml-054sm.jpg #054  Clear/Clear
Serapis Bey: The understanding of suffering. The power of the light and purification
Letting go of suffering. The understanding of suffering: getting what we do not what, wanting what we cannot have or not being able to distinguish between these two, brings the clarity of vision.  A bright light shines from within.
eq50ml-055sm.jpg #055  Clear/Red
The Christ: The energy to work with and for the light
The energy for awakening to the light within, a grounding of that light within the physicality. A sense of lightness at a cellular level as one awakens to the wisdom of the body. The opportunity to see one’s purpose, letting go, that one fulfills that purpose in the world.
eq50ml-056sm.jpg #056  Pale Violet/Pale Violet
St. Germain: Overcoming the desire to be invisible. To act as a catalyst in the world
Transmutation, the raw materials within the genetic structure within which one finds oneself can be cleansed by one’s intent. A catalyst to bring the keys of higher wisdom and clarity of thought.
eq50ml-057sm.jpg #057  Pale Pink/Pale Blue
Pallas Athena and Aeolus: Creativity and right livelihood. Attention to detail.
A love of beauty and aesthetics. An understanding of dreams and the work with the dream life, to know or sense that everything is just a dream. Also helps one to do what is appropriate in relation to ‘right livelihood’. The quality that one brings to what one does.
eq50ml-058sm.jpg #058  Pale Blue/Pale Pink
Orion and Angelica: To help all of the subtle bodies to be in the right place at the right time. A balance within the subtle fields.
The beginning and ending of things. Journeys of all forms, both inner and outer. A deep sense of balance between the polarities within the self. An intense version of the Starchild.
eq50ml-059sm.jpg #059  Pale Yellow/Pale Pink
Lady Portia: Letting go of the judgment of self helps with discrimination and balance.
When one does what one loves to do it helps to get in touch with the lightness of one’s being, especially when judgment of self is suspended when one does not meet one’s own expectations in what one does. The presence of the suspension of the non-judgmental aspect that is possible when one accepts oneself as they are.

eq50ml-060sm.jpg #060  Blue/Clear
Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin: Finding the clarity within to be able to communicate from the light
A deep transformational experience: the alchemy of compassion. The more peaceful one becomes, the more clarity can emerge from within. A sense of stillness behind all movement, a peace that has the quality of love.

eq50ml-061sm.jpg #061  Pale Pink/Pale Yellow
Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus Kumara: The deepest level of the reconciliation of the role models within the self. The universal sense of the mother/father God
The inner child that has, for whatever reason, felt the absence of the parental models and the reconciliation of that situation. A sense of personal loss, that there may be transpersonal gain. Inner union, as above so below, all that is within one is reflected above one.
 eq50ml-062sm.jpg #062  Pale Turquoise/Pale Turquoise
Maha Chohan: Light on the path of individuation. The clarity of the communication of the heart.
Intensity, progress upon the path of individuation, as one gets in touch with the inner teacher that one may hear the whisperings of the heart, that the teacher within may listen to the Master within. To connect with the collective and see the unfoldment.
eq50ml-063sm.jpg #063  Emerald Green/Pale Green 
Djwal Khul and Hilarion: A truth when one gives oneself the space to be able to see oneself as one is.
The wisdom that comes through the search. The ability to make the appropriate decisions in relation to one’s life purpose. To be able to find the appropriate direction that will take one to where one needs to be. The understanding of karmic seeds and the way one is to do what one is to do. 
eq50ml-064sm.jpg #064  Emerald Green/Clear
Djwal Khul: The seekers Master. Seeking of itself. The truth of the search.
The Seeker’s Master. The emphasis is on the seeking and not on the finding. The process is all important, the result, less so.  An interest in the stars, astrology, and the new psychology. An understanding of aspects that lead in the direction of transcendence.
eq50ml-065sm.jpg #065  Violet/Red
Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth: A deep sense of balance. The energy to perform one’s service
A grounded bottle which says: the feet are firmly placed upon the earth, the head is in heaven. The necessity for grounding to bring about transformation, that one may get in touch with one’s true purpose, why one is here and what one is for.
eq50ml-066sm.jpg #066  Pale Violet/Pale Pink
The Actress/The Victoria Bottle: To detach from the conditioning to be able to see the actors upon the stage of the self.
One plays many parts, as long as one does not believe them to be who one is. To have a central core of ease within the structure that exists around the core of oneself. To know oneself by the way one does what they do rather than what they do.
eq50ml-067sm.jpg #067  Magenta/Magenta
Love from Above: Love in the little things. Where we recognize God is in the little things.
To put the love in the little things: practical application of one’s spiritual intent. Awareness, mindfulness, attention, put into the everyday activities, leads to a growth in consciousness. To see what one needs to do.
eq50ml-068sm.jpg #068  Blue/Violet
Gabriel: The Angel of Peace and fulfilment. A connection with the ability to discern.
Activity that leads in the direction of helping one to get in touch with the lightness of one’s being. Whether this is through crafts or practical creative expression, these activities can lead to the lightness of being. The power of love in practical expression. A communication of spiritual ideals.

eq50ml-069sm.jpg #069  Magenta/Clear
Sounding Bell: The purification as a consequence of the love from above. The purification derived from putting the love in the little things. Being in the moment.
A complete picture, a sense of many things coming into resonance where one begins to feel the wholeness of oneself. The purification as the love is practically put into the inanimate objects that one handles moment to moment, day to day. A growth of consciousness through attention. Love as a practical expression.
eq50ml-070sm.jpg #070  Yellow/Clear
A Vision of Splendour: The clarity to see the bigger picture more openly. To gain knowledge in relation to the vibration of the light
Clarity emerges when one faces the realism of situations and circumstances rather than imagining things as one would like them to be. The possibility to integrate, with joy, information that has been acquired.
eq50ml-071sm.jpg #071  Pink/Clear 
The Essence Bottle (2) The Jewel in the Lotus: Taking responsibility for the thoughts and the feelings opens the door to the power of love.
A sense that many things are about to flower as a consequence of something being realized in the context of love in one’s life. A growth in what one allows oneself. A growth in self acceptance that brings tender, caring warmth to arise as a consequence of the lightness of being.
eq50ml-072sm.jpg  #072  Blue/Orange
The Clown, Pagliacci: Joyful insights to be communicated from within
A balance within the deeper structures within the body, even into the cellular levels of the genetic codes. The information as the codices of light touch the genetic structures. Through peace and deep insight, these realizations may come about.
eq50ml-073sm.jpg #073  Gold/Clear
Chang Tsu: The connection with the incarnational star brings clarity of purpose and the understanding of the gifts within one’s being.
The wisdom that arises through trusting the psyche. The unfoldment of the lightness of spirit. The possibility of expressing one’s wisdom as one lets go of the identification with the suffering within the depth of the self.
eq50ml-074sm.jpg #074  Pale Yellow/Pale Green 
Triumph: An intense test. To be able to find discernment towards a deeper balance.
A new possibility that comes out of an immense challenge. A deep joy as one makes the appropriate decisions and comes to the new direction within the self. A letting go that deep happiness and understanding can be borne into the world.
eq50ml-075sm.jpg #075  Magenta/Turquoise
Go with the flow: A deeper understanding, particularly a re-orientation in relation to the family picture
The more one can accept oneself, letting oneself be, the more care and attention that is put into what is in front of one in any moment, the more the process of individuation unfolds within the self. This brings one in touch with the flow of life.
eq50ml-076sm.jpg #076  Pink/Gold
Trust: Self acceptance leads towards the golden area within ourselves to find what we are for and the way we are to do what we are to do
The alchemical process of love, acceptance, produces the change within the crucible of oneself that brings the sun and the moon together within one’s being. An opportunity of letting go to come to a new understanding of wisdom that was already there.
eq50ml-077sm.jpg #077  Clear/Magenta
The Cup: Many things are brought together in the context of the service of the light. The more open we are to receive the more can be fed in from above.
To be open to receive, not to be too full of oneself. To be a receptive vehicle, which allows the light force, in the form of the codices of light, to be integrated within the self. The power of discrimination and real development can then ensue. A sense of being in touch with the infinite as one enters the possibility of the receptive.
eq50ml-078sm.jpg #078  Violet/Deep Magenta
Crown Rescue/The Transition Bottle: In every ending there is a new beginning. Intense service that may help us to find our way to the ‘right’ place.
A transformative journey of the light that brings one in touch with where one has been and where one is going. A deep service linked to practicality in relation to the fulfilment of one’s mission and purpose. Previous hardship that has lead to an understanding of the transformative process within the self.
eq50ml-079sm.jpg #079  Orange/Violet
Ostrich Bottle: Insight and transformation. The healing of the time line.
The more one gains in insight, the clearer one becomes in relation to one’s purpose. The possibility of a deep transformation taking place that puts one in touch with a sense of rapture and bliss within the depths of the self where insight is used in the service of others. To release spiritual shock. Sometimes challenges arise in relation to one’s spiritual view, which lead to new insights being born from the depths of oneself and made more conscious.
eq50ml-080sm.jpg #080  Red/Pink
Artemis: The energy to let go, to get in touch with love again. The love becomes more unconditional. The potential to awaken to the power of love.
The possibility of bringing the awakening of the Christ into the conscious mind, the revelation of that awakening in relation to the true purpose. Self acceptance releases energy. The energies in profusion. The bridge between the thinking and the feeling within oneself.
eq50ml-081sm.jpg #081  Pink/Pink
Unconditional Love: Compassion, caring and warmth. The expression and needs in relation to love.
Self acceptance brings one in touch with the child within that one may experience the unlove that the child experienced. One now needs to offer to that child within the self, the love that one can summon from one’s life.
eq50ml-082sm.jpg #082  Green/Orange 
Calypso: Insight revealed as we make space for ourselves. The revelation of the deepest joy coming from the heart.
Freedom in relation to the difficulties of the past. To be able to release restraints from the time line to come closer into synchronicity as one begins to find the rulership within the self. The chance to reconnect with being in the right place at the right time doing the right thing.
eq50ml-083sm.jpg #083  Turquoise/Gold
Open Sesame: The process of individuation in relation to the star of incarnation where we find the wisdom of the past expressed through the creative communication of the heart
The depths of wisdom are to be expressed in a new way. The Aura-Soma teacher opening the door as a new age, a new aeon, begins to dawn, where the ancient wisdom is re-evaluated in the sense of discrimination. Communication through the feeling side of the being, to connect with the many rather than the few. Wisdom communicated through the feeling side of the being.
eq50ml-084sm.jpg #084  Pink/Red
Candle in the wind: A sense of vulnerability. A strength towards a higher purpose.
Vulnerability, compassion, and the energy towards a higher purpose. An awakening to what love is, the love which is the source or the basic ground of existence, both caring and desire in awakening.
eq50ml-085sm.jpg #085  Turquoise/Clear
Titania, Queen of the Fairies: Light within, the path of individuation unfolds in the conscious mind
A new communication for a new time expressed through the feeling side of the being, expressed from the heart and how sometimes when one has held back with what one feels, a new creative expression can then result. Sometimes the light asks that one may express the creative communication of the heart. May help when there have been difficulties in expressing one’s creativity. As one gets closer to the light within, so one moves forward on the process of individuation. The intuitive connection of the creative aspect within, with the realm of devas, fairies, the subtle energies of the earth and the beings of the earth.

eq50ml-086sm.jpg #086  Clear/Turquoise
Oberon, King of the Fairies: Understanding of the light upon the path of individuation.
An opportunity to express the creative communication of the heart. The possibility of overcoming suffering in a conscious way.  May bring clarity into one’s emotional responsiveness to situations, circumstances, people and things. The intuitive connection of the creative aspect within, with the realm of devas, fairies, the subtle energies of the earth and the beings of the earth. 
eq50ml-087sm.jpg #087  Pale Coral/Pale Coral
Love Wisdom: To be able to see oneself beyond the reflection of self. The wisdom of love.
To go beyond the reflection of self. An awareness that one can see oneself in others in the mirror of what is in front of one and to go beyond this to see the essence that lies within. Love Wisdom, a letting go in the context of unrequited love.
eq50ml-088sm.jpg #088  Green/Blue
Jade Emperor: As we plant so shall we reap but it is the way that we plant that makes a difference.
A deep wisdom handed to the earth that is the clearing of the karmic patterns of the past within the collective and the opening of a new way of being. An awakening to the love of the earth. A creative quality in whatever we have to do.
eq50ml-089sm.jpg #089  Red/Deep Magenta 
Energy Rescue/The Time Shift Bottle: A time shift, a gateway to a new understanding and a new possibility towards enthusiastic wellbeing.
A new paradigm, a window or portal. To begin to bring that new paradigm into being: Time as Art. Awakening to the love within existence. The renewal of energy, a letting go of disconnectedness or separation.
eq50ml-090sm.jpg #090  Gold/Deep Magenta
Wisdom Rescue: The initiate finds the way to be able to be active in the world
The connection with the belly, the incarnational star, brings the opportunity to put one the right way up in the world where one may access the wisdom that has always been there. Deep joy can produce a new balance within the depths of the self.
eq50ml-091sm.jpg #091  Olive Green/Olive Green
Feminine Leadership of the heart: The trust in the Holy Spirit. Love brings up everything unlike itself for the purpose of healing. The hope, not in the sense of anticipation, but in the sense of a positive attitude towards that which will come to be.
Feminine leadership. Through the letting go of the bitterness of the past, one comes to the sweetness of Spirit, to the promise of the Holy Ghost. A deep sense of peace and optimism as a new light is borne out of the circumstances of the past.

eq50ml-092sm.jpg #092  Pale Coral/Olive Green
Gretel: Feminine Leadership, independence. Co-operation rather than competition. Peace as a priority.
The opportunity for a deep level of trust within the feminine intuitive, to transcend competition and forge the way forward in a non-competitive way through co-operation. The development of the luminous egg as the subtle fields take on a new form. The clarity of direction that ensues from trusting the intuitive, as one trusts the essence of oneself.
eq50ml-093sm.jpg #093  Pale Coral/Turquoise
Hansel: Facing the shadow to be able to find the truth of the heart as we see more aspects of ourselves
Singularity of vision as many of the polarities within the self are brought together. Harmonizing that shines its light on many aspects within. A sense of creativity unfolding in the light of the new consciousness emerging, as one begins to see beyond the limitations of self.
eq50ml-094sm.jpg #094  Pale Blue/Pale Yellow
Archangel Michael: An intense truth is revealed in relation to the evolution of consciousness.
Michael stimulates the heart, not in an intrusive way, but for those who wish to open their hearts through getting in touch with the star within. Michael facilitates, when the desire is present, to connect deeper with the unfoldment of the true purpose in the world.
eq50ml-095sm.jpg #095  Magenta/Gold
Archangel Gabriel: The messenger from the stars that we may get in touch with our true purpose.
The messenger of the star. The alignment with the soul star and the incarnational star, that which is above one with that which is in the belly.  The messenger of the star means to be able to communicate one’s true purpose in the world. Putting the love in the little things helps to reveal the wisdom within.
eq50ml-096sm.jpg #096  Royal Blue/Royal Blue
Archangel Raphael: To bring the creative possibility of conception into form. Clarity in relation to the higher energetics of being.
Clarity, creativity brought into form, the higher mind functions. The creative nurturing energy that comes through the trust in the intuitive that is fed in from above. An awakening to the lightness of being that, through clarity of perception, is able to see that which was previously unseen.
eq50ml-097sm.jpg #097  Gold/Royal Blue
Archangel Uriel: Clarity in relation to the true purpose for oneself. A deeper understanding of the heart.
A letting go of Utopian idealism that enables one to see into the innermost depths of one’s being, with clarity. To feel the opening of the heart as the love rises within the depths of the self.
eq50ml-098sm.jpg #098  Lilac/Pale
Archangel Sandalphon/Margaret’s bottle: A four way energy connection: above & below, to the left and to the right. The inner child within ourselves becomes the angel that we are.

eq50ml-099sm.jpg #099  Pale Olive Green/Pink
Archangel Tzadkiel/Cosmic Rabbits: A new opening to the love of self is a step towards one’s purpose in the world.
To feel a sense of connection with the being of the earth by being open and receptive within the self. A new beginning for love that links one to the love of the earth. The possibility of broadening one’s vision, letting go of anticipation by trusting the feminine intuitive within the self. Return Journey of the Universe (21)
eq50ml-100sm.jpg #100  Clear/Deep Magenta
Archangel Metatron: Shining the light into the shadow. A new dawn in the inner worlds.
Shining the light into the shadow. To connect with what brings the possibility of wholeness from the depths of one’s being to alleviate suffering, and to understand that suffering in the context of the love of existence. To let go of what one has said ‘no’ to, what one has resisted or denied within oneself.
eq50ml-101sm.jpg #101  Pale Blue/Pale Olive
Archangel Jophiel: The way back to the garden of the heart. The opening of a new level within our being.
The way to the garden of the heart. To find a sense of what is being asked of one that comes from the still, small voice within. Trusting the feminine and allowing the peace in its most intense form, to link one with one’s true purpose.
eq50ml-102sm.jpg  #102  Deep Olive/Deep Magenta
Archangel Samael: O-live, where we find a new beginning in relation to the hope within ourselves. Upon what do we build the foundations of our lives?`
Where one has built towers, structures, circumstances that bring a false sense of security rather than to have done the ground work in relation to the trust in the spirit that lies within. To let go of the bitterness of the past, to trust the truth that gives the ground for one to build anew.
eq50ml-103sm.jpg #103  Opalescent Pale Blue/Deep Magenta
Archangel Haniel: The support and the higher will. The light at the end of the tunnel begins to glimmer in the distance.
The protection for that within that sees the light at the end of the tunnel, at the end of an age of ignorance. The hope, that is not anticipation, in that which comes from the future towards the present. The opportunity to fulfill one’s purpose in the context of the deepest love. Putting one’s energy and attention on the solution rather than the problem.
eq50ml-104sm.jpg #104  Iridescent Pink/Magenta
Archangel Chamael: It is as it is. A new beginning for love. A new order of being.
It is as it is. The love within one supports one whenever one allows oneself to be. When one accept oneself to the extent that that love brings the opportunity to expand. The love that says ‘I love myself the way I am’
eq50ml-105sm.jpg #105  Iridescent Coral/Coral
Archangel Azreal: Deep insight, insight, ecstasy, upliftment.
Awakening to the new consciousness; freeing ourselves of karmic patterns or the seeds of Karma by bringing our attention to the way that we do what we do. Offers a sense of unified consciousness. Overcoming difficulties of filling the gaps in ourselves by projecting our gifts onto others.
eq50ml-106sm.jpg #106  Misty Pale Olive/Misty Lilac 
Archangel Ratziel: Reciprocal maintenance and the inner alchemy of the heart.
I knowingly participate in the unfold of the plan on earth.
eq50ml-107sm.jpg #107 Opalescent Turquoise/Deep Magenta
Archangel Tzaphkiel
The creative absorbency that may be accessed by each of us.  The love of the mother.
The sea of consciousness opens before me as I let go of the past.

#108  Mid Turquoise/Mid Olive
Archangel Jeremiel
Through the stillness comes the communication of love and truth from the heart.

#109 Magenta/Mid Tone Olive

#109  Magenta/Mid Tone Olive
Archangel Zachariel
Sincerity in love. Letting go, we are already forgiven. Love comes in letting go 

#110 Pale Rose Pink/Deep Magenta

#110 Pale Rose Pink/Deep Magenta
Archangel Ambriel
Compassion in all that  we do brings harmony into our being. I love myself the way I am. I let go of all  that is not of love in me 


#111 Mid Tone Royal/Mid Tone Olive

#111 Mid Tone Royal/Mid Tone Olive
Archangel Daniel
To restore balance between inner and outer relationships.Letting go of bitterness, I step forward with clarity and vision. 


How to Use the Equilibrium Bottle

Note: Your equilibrium bottle has been selected by you for you, avoid others handling or using it , keep it for your use only so that you and it stay focused on benefiting you, your practitioner can advise on the products you can share with your family and friends.

Your Practitioner will show you how to use your Equilibrium Bottle each is used in a select way.

Your chosen Equilibrium bottles is shaken in your left hand, a small amount of the mixed oil and water contents are then poured into your right hand. Carefully rub your 2 hands together and apply the mixture to the area of your body where the colours correspond to the Chakra’s of the body, see image.

You may also apply the mixture to any other part of the body you desire.

With Equilibrium that contains Red, it is recommended not to apply above the waist or late at night as it is energizing and may keep you awake.

Bottles 26 and 87 have specific methods of application.

It is recommended you apply your Equilibrium bottle 2 x daily. Using it all up – to the last drop, within a 7 week period. We say that it is in using the last drop that the real transformation can take place, as you have dedicated and allowed yourself to receive this gift.

After using up your Equilibrium bottle it is recommended to see your Aura-Soma® Practitioner again, to review the process and allow yourself the gift of a new bottle to continue your journey of unfoldment.

Bottle 026 The Etheric Rescue – Orange/Orange
The Etheric bottle relates to the second chakra but is applied to the body in a very specific way. Down the left side of the body from the left ear lone to the left ankle and around the hara/waist in a wide band. If there are particular areas of spiritual tension then you may also apply to that location.  This bottle may help to address issues of letting go of the past so that plans for today may be made. May help with issues of unresolved spiritual shock, difficulty with relations and anger. May also help with all issues of dependency and co-dependency.

Bottle 087 The Love Wisdom Rescue – Pale Coral/Pale Coral
This bottle can relate to shock, abuse and unrequited love, it may help with the potential to give love and wisdom to the world. The realization of self-acceptance and understanding of interdependence can bring deep joy. May help with dependency and unrequited love especially towards oneself. This bottle is applied to the body in a very specific way. Down the right side of the body from the right ear lone to the right ankle and around the hara/waist in a wide band. If there are particular areas of spiritual tension then you may also apply to that location.

Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/ painted surfaces.

Made with love and intention by Aura-Soma Products Ltd Lincolnshire England
Available in New Zealand from Aura-Soma New Zealand Ltd