White or Clear represents the full spectrum of colour and consciousness. It contains all colours. The White products are usually used to clear away things, space clearing, aura cleansing.

In Aura-Soma® White is also considered to be about suffering, when all the colours have washed out of your life, really all the colours are still there, just you may not be seeing them right now.

Expressing simple purity and great intensity, adding white to any hue of colour changes it from a hue to a tint, we consider the lightened tint to be a more intense version of the hue as it is more light filled. Like the spot light is on the colour.

Use the White, when you are unsure what other colour to use – as it contains all colour.

The White pomanders and Serapis Bey quintessence’s are cleansing and clearing on the aura and the spaces you use them in.

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