#02 Pink Colour Essence 30ml

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Product Overview

The Pink Colour Essence

Stimulates the ability to recieve and feel love, reduce fear and anxiety and helps with grief


  • Helps stimulate the ability to receive love and to feel love, caring and warmth for oneself and for others
  • Helps reduce fear and anxiety
  • Helpful for grief situations

How to Use

  1. You may select to use more than one Colour Essence together
  2. Once you have chosen, put a few drops into a small bottle of clean (not tap) water
  3. You can then carry this with you during the day and apply 1-2 drops to your pulse points as desired, or to your evening bath

How to Select your Colour Essences

1.    Have a Aura-Soma consultation with a Practitioner who will guide you through the process of choosing a selection of Colour Essences as indicated by the Equilibrium selection. Consult a Practitioner for more information.
2.   You may choose a selection of Colour Essences to use based on the Chakra colour you may like to work with at this time or let you intuition draw you and/or read the information notes about each Colour Essence.


Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/ painted surfaces.