#115 Archangel Khemiel & Ariel Orange/Red 50ml

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Archangel Khemiel & Archangel Ariel together

Born 1st December 2017

Available mid December - orders are been taken now - please call us on Ph 09 478 4419 to place your order or do so here. 

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Best way to ensure that this bottle is the one for you:

Have a Consultation

The best way to discover the Aura-Soma® Colour-Care-System® can do for you is to have a consultation with an Aura-Soma Colour Care Practitioner®. Where over 100 dual coloured bottles are displayed, their jewel like colours shimmering before your eyes. The trained Practitioner invites you to choose the four bottles which call to you the most – the ones that you can't resist.

In a Consultation

The four bottles speak of our choices and our journey through time, revealing aspects of our personality, our gifts and talents, our present situation and our potential.

‘You are the Colours you choose and these reflect your being’s needs’.

We may gain an insight into why things are happening and gain a new perspective on our life’s direction.

Through this understanding you can make new more informed choices.

Your Practitioner will then assist you in choosing an Equilibrium bottle and other supporting products to take home and use to help you reach your desired potential.