#14 Djwal Khul Quintessence 25ml

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Product Overview

Djwal Khul Quintessence 25ml

Service from the heart

The Emerald Green Master Quintessence

The Seeker’s Master. Youngest of the masters.


  • Can help us to use our intellect whilst being in harmony with our intuition
  • Following our heart and balancing our mind – useful when we need a grounded point of view
  • If we seek objective truth, knowledge or a “fresh start”, this is the Quintessence to meditate with

Where & How to Use

  • Use through your energy field/aura around your body. Onto your left palm, spray one mist of the 2.5ml Vial or 3 drops of the 25ml Plastic Quintessence, rub hands together and wipe through your aura, inhale the essence from your palms 3 times and feel refreshed.  For full instructions click here.
  • Use as often as required, the cleansing effect goes on for at least 2 hours.

How to Select a Quintessence (2 options)

1.   Have a Aura-Soma consultation with a Practitioner who will guide you through the process of choosing the best Quintessence as indicated by the Equilibrium selection. Consult a Practitioner for more information. 
2.  We recommend you choose your favorite Quintessence colour or choose your desired effect - Let your intuition draw you and/or read the colour/information notes about each Quintessence.


Djwal Khul Quintessence: Available in 2.5 ml glass, 25 ml plastic and 100 ml Air Conditioner Spray and Incense Sticks