#19 Rose Pink Pomander 25ml

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Rose Pink Pomander 25 ml plastic bottle

Also available in 2.5ml 2.5ml Glass Vial Rose Pink Pomander


Sorry we have sold out - more stock due in about the 15 January 2024


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We're extremely excited to unveil a transformative new member of the Aura-Soma family. Meet the Rose Pink Pomander, your gateway to a journey of unconditional love and earthly connection. 

Feeling disconnected? Overwhelmed by life's ups and downs? The Rose Pink Pomander is your elixir to re-establish love, not just for others but importantly, for yourself.⁠

Unconditional Love - Immerse yourself in self-love, shedding guilt and embracing your authentic self. It helps you move beyond societal judgments and fully accept the person you are.⁠

Earthly Connection - Whether you're in a bustling city or a serene forest, the Rose Pink Pomander realigns your energies to connect you back to mother earth.⁠

Exquisite Fragrance - Made with roses propagated from our Tetford garden, the scent is a heavenly blend of old English roses, Tuba rose, Palma rose, and a hint of Frankincense. A true delight for your senses.⁠

Crystal Energies - Infused with the vibrations of various gems and plants, it not only grounds you but also uplifts your spirit.⁠

All-Natural Ingredients - Comprising a diverse range of roses and carefully selected herbs, it's a blend of all things nurturing and healing.⁠

If you're going through challenging times, the Rose Pink Pomander serves as your shield, offering emotional and spiritual support. ⁠

Reconnect with your true purpose and relish the beauty of balanced love with our new Pomander.

Where & How to Use

  • Use through your energy field/aura around your body. Onto your left palm, spray one mist of the 2.5ml Vial or 3 drops of the 25ml Plastic Pomander, rub hands together and wipe through your aura, inhale the essence from your palms 3 times and feel refreshed.  For full instructions click here.
  • Use as often as requied, the cleanisng effect goes on for at least 2 hours.

How to Select a Pomander (2 options)

1.   Have a Aura-Soma consultation with a Practitioner who will guide you through the process of choosing the best Pomander as indicated by the Equilibrium selection. Consult a Practitioner for more information. 
2.  We recommend you choose your favorite Pomander colour or choose your desired effect - Let your intuition draw you and/or read the colour/information notes about each Pomander.

Please Note: For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not apply to broken, irritated or sensitive skin. Do not use on polished/ painted surfaces.

Pink Pomander: Available in 2.5 ml glass, 25 ml plastic and 100 ml Air Conditioner Spray and Incense Sticks