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Aura-Soma Training

Please note: All the Aura-Soma training is undergoing a change - we hope to have new format and dates available by the end of March.

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Introduction Evening | Level 1 Training | Level 2 Training | Personal Presentation | Level 3 Training

Ever wondered what Aura-Soma® is all about, want to learn more?

Aura-Soma® Introduction Evening

Come along to our free information night! See the range of Aura-Soma® products; learn about Vicky Wall the founder of Aura-Soma® and how she was drawn to make these magical gems.  Experience a pomander and have all your questions answered.

Introduction Evening:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 1 Training

You will be introduced to the range of Aura-Soma® products, an understanding of how to use them personally and in a clinic. Experience the power of colour for personal and professional growth in a nurturing and supportive environment.

  • The principles of Aura-Soma® as a non-intrusive, self selected system. Colour Theory: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary colours, Complementary Colours, Hidden Colours. The message of colour. Our gifts and talents
  • An introduction to the Subtle Anatomy
  • The Visible Spectrum and the Chakras
  • Sympathetic Resonance as a key to restoring balance
  • The Consultation Process: The Colour Code of the Soul through time.  The significance of the position of each bottle in the Equilibrium Selection. Interpretation of each fraction the colour selections
  • An introduction to the complete Aura-Soma® range: the Equilibrium Bottles, the Pomanders, Quintessence and the Colour Essences
  • Guidelines for recommendations based on the clients’ selection
  • Demonstration and practical work in interpreting the Equilibrium selection, with the aura and subtle energies and hand massage techniques

Level 1:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 2 Training

The aim of the Level 2 course is to make connections between the Aura-Soma® Colour System and other wisdom traditions showing the value of recognising colours' influence on consciousness. Through these connections many new perspectives become available that may enrich the sharing in the Consultation.

  • The Language and Energy of Colour *
  • Practise in the different levels of a Consultation
  • Colour Breathing
  • The Three Primaries
  • Consultation Skills
  • Aura-Soma® and Gems and Crystals, Astrology, Numerology, the 3 Doshas

Level 2:  Training Dates and Teachers

Personal Presentation Skills

Prerequisite for Level 3

The aim of the Personal Presentation Skills course is to develop more inner presence, to expand consultation skills and to improve presentation skills. This course will provide the student with valuable skills which will not only improve their consultation practise, but will also provide tools which the student will be able to call upon within every aspect of their every day life.

  • Meditation
  • Motivation
  • Creating space
  • Language and the words we use
  • What are the gifts you can bring to a consultation?
  • The value of centring and centring techniques
  • Personal presentation
  • Consultation skills

Personal Presentation:  Training Dates and Teachers

Level 3 Training

The aim of the Aura-Soma® Level 3 Advanced course is threefold. Firstly to explore the language of colour through the sequence of the Master bottles. Secondly to foster further awareness of observation and listening skills. Thirdly to develop the correspondences between the Aura-Soma® Colour System and the Tree of Life. This course is the culmination all of the information received during the previous Aura-Soma® training, grounding and deepening the understanding of what the Aura-Soma® colour system has to offer.

  • Colour theory in relation to consciousness evolution as revealed by the unfolding sequence of the Master bottles
  • The colour combination bottles in relation to the Tree of Life and the Tarot. The Aura-Soma® interface with the Tree of Life
  • An introduction to mind mapping
  • Consultation skills through awareness of the Practitioner, client and observer roles
  • Revision and consolidation of information from previous levels

Level 3:  Training Dates and Teachers


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