Gift of Space - Deep Red & Green Air Con

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$45.00 - $99.00

Product Overview

Gift of Space

Includes a Air Conditioner Green and Deep Red – available in 20ml or 100ml sets

Air Con Green Pomander 
Pine scented – give the feeling of space – feel the freshness!
Idea when you want to make the space feel bigger – or if your feeling a bit claustrophobic with all those visitors!
Green relates to the heart Chakra – creating an environment for open hearted connections.
Calming and balancing on all levels especially the emotions, ideal to have on hand during the festive season. 

Air Con Deep Red Pomander 
Give them a burst of energy, grounding and centering at the same time.
Sweet fruity and spicy all at once, this is the essence of Summer.
Deep Red – known as the energy in a hurry spray!
Grounding and re connecting with the earth – when things get just that too busy but you have to solider on!