Gift of Nurturing- Lady Nada & St Germain Air Con

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$45.00 - $99.00

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Gift of Nurturing

Includes a Air Conditioner Lady Nada and St Germain – available in 20ml or 100ml sets

Air Con Lady Nada 

Nurturing, love, rose scented

Be gentle with yourself, the world treats you the way you treat yourself.
Nada means sacred sound, the inner sound - Om. Hear yourself, hear others and be heard.
Deep love, letting go of negativity at a deep level

Air Con St Germain 

When she needs to find the calm within the storm, this is the one! Clear the air and relax.

A catalyst to help transform negative energies into positive energies
Clearing, calming and soothing on the emotions
Transforming old energy patterns
Calms the electro-magnetic energy fields around the body
Use to aid transformation of old energy, clear old patterns and calm the electromagnetic field