Summer Survival Kit - 25ml White, Physical, and 20ml St Germain, Green Air Con

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White Pomander 25ml – White help your energy centres -chakras and brings light into situation.

Pocket Physical Rescue 25ml– for bumps and bruise or sore muscles from too much activity.

St Germain Air Conditioner Room Spray 20ml-  calming and relaxing on the energy centres, ideal space clearer if your visiting new places – use in hotels etc

Emerald Green Air Conditioner Room Spray 20ml- opening up the space when there are just too many people around! Idea when you want to make the space feel bigger – or if your feeling a bit claustrophobic. Green relates to the heart Chakra – creating an environment for open hearted connections. Calming and balancing on all levels especially the emotions, ideal to have on hand during the festive season.

Survival Kit Contains

1 x 25ml White Pomander

1x 25ml Pocket Physical Rescue

1x 20ml St Germain Air Conditioner

1x 20ml Emerald Green Air Conditioner