2020 A Year of Ups and Downs

Posted by Brenda Stanford on 3rd Nov 2020

Green Air Conditioner

2020 has been a year of ups, downs and sideways. While many people in New Zealand enjoyed the change of pace and quietness that our level 4 shut down allowed us back in April, the ongoing shut downs and uncertainty has, for some, caused anxiety – be it over potential job losses, feelings of isolation, intense relationship situations and/or worry for our overseas family and friends.

While even here in Auckland we are enjoying a warm spring of relative normality – you only have to turn on any media to see that this is not the case in the rest of the world. Many people are finding they are having feelings of stress and fear coming up when exposed to too much world media at this time.

On a positive note, others have had some ‘light bulb’ moments – I recently met a woman who said how during lockdown she had the chance to step back from her job and to reevaluate her life. She told me she realized just how much she dislikes her job and the treadmill she has been on. She realized that chasing the big money is not the most important thing and has renegotiated with her family just what is and how much they need to be happy, finding ways to reduce expenditure and bringing more balance into their lives.

How can Aura-Soma help…

The Pomanders are very helpful at this time – they assist in clearing and cleansing the emotions – at a time when we and/or those around us are feeling anxious, confused or fearful.

The Equilibrium is helpful when we feel we are at a crossroads in life and need some more direction, having a consultation and choosing your own bottles from the selection of over 118 bottles can give you real insight into the next step in life.

Useful Pomanders for the whole family.

Green – The space giver – helps give you the feeling of more personal space, but also a greater perspective, helping you see things more clearly. After a year of being somewhat isolated, many people are finding the build up to summer events less attractive and simply don't want to be around large groups of people, using the Green will help give you the feeling of space.

Yellow - uplifting and joy bringing. Ideal if feeling stressed or sad. It's like sunshine in a bottle.

Gold Pomander

Gold - deep joy within ourselves, self-acceptance. This supports the release of patterns of the past, which may enable us to understand what lies behind our perceptions of life. Ideal if you’re looking at making major changes.

Turquoise - creativity and expression – ideal if you're wanting to get creative, or find you have time on your hands and want to try something new. Assist in expressing yourself. Ever wanted to really know what makes your heart sing – use the Turquoise to help you find out.

Sapphire Blue Pomander

Sapphire Blue - Help to bring a calming atmosphere, ideal if you need to find or create a peaceful space.

Pale Coral - Acceptance, emphasis on relationship, supports the collective working together towards a common goal. Ideal if things are getting a bit too much, helps us accept that we can not change things and to allow them to flow over us.

Pink - Just for love. Love and self-acceptance which brings warmth and caring for self and others.

If you want a Pomander for the whole house and family – try the room spray Air Conditioners, if it’s more for you personally – try the 25ml Pomanders as they are more aligned to the aura around the body.

Taking good care of ourselves now –while we find a new way of being in the world will help us create the life we want for ourselves and family. Going back to the ‘old way’ or getting back to the ‘old’ normal is not necessarily what will feed our soul in the future. 

Although the events of 2020 have been unexpected it's almost like the chrysalis opening to find actually maybe things can be better, not worse than before – it's all about our perspective and letting go of the fear of change.